Initium AI Is Now Available On Zoom

10 March, 2023

Initium AI is on Zoom Marketplace

Our meeting processing app is now available on Zoom Marketplace!

What does this mean for you?

Instead of wasting valuable time taking notes during important meetings, our new integration allows you to directly focus on the needs of your clients/employees by taking all the monotonous work off your hands. We will automatically transcribe, summarize, and analyze your recorded Zoom conversations, conveniently storing each meeting's notes in one easy-to-access space on your Meeting Overview page only minutes after your call has ended. If you want to continue to upload your meetings manually that's fine too, but we just wanted you to have one fewer thing on your plate.

All of the same great features will be available for your meeting notes. These include:

  • Transcription services
  • A detailed summary of what occurred
  • Important action items resulting from the meeting
  • Metrics of empathy, sentiment, and talk time
  • Key topics
  • Ability to search across meetings

Adding Initium to your Zoom meetings

To benefit from the meeting processing provided by our app, follow the steps in this post

Note: while we are still in alpha, you will need a promo code to access our Zoom Integration and other paid-level features. You can apply for a free promo code here or contact us through our help form found on our homepage.

Meeting security and privacy

You are right to wonder about the security and privacy of your meetings. The meetings are securely stored in an encrypted format on our platform, which keeps your data safe while making it easier to quickly search for what you need. Our security settings have been stringently tested by ourselves at Initium, and have also been verified and validated by others during our Zoom Marketplace Review Process.

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