Initium.AI is positively transforming the sales process by providing the technology to assist sales agents in their customer communication. Digital sales conversations have increased by orders of magnitude over the recent past, and yet sales agents have very limited support to process and analyze these conversations. Our platform assists sales agents in their daily conversations through automatic summary notes, action items, smart search of previous communication, and engagement metrics.

sAiles product



sAiles product


A brief abstractive summary is generated for each meeting as a quicker alternative to reading through the whole transcript.

Action Items

Action items assigned throughout the meeting are automatically identified with the option to manually add addtional items for quick tracking.

sAiles product
sAiles product

Key Topics

Key topics that arose during the meeting are automatically identified with the option to manually add additional key topics later.

Talk Metrics

Important conversation metrics such as user talk time, conversation sentiment, and each user's empathy are automatically tracked throughout the meeting.

sAiles product
sAiles product


Initium takes your privacy seriously. That's why we encrypt all your data at rest and during transit using the industry standard 256-bit encryption. We ensure that anyone with access to your data follows best practices when doing so. Please reach out to us if you have any questions relating to data security.





  • Free Processing Credits (60 Minutes)
  • Interactive Transcript
  • 800 Storage Minutes
  • End to End Data Encryption


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  • All of Starter
  • Meeting Summarization
  • Action Item Identification
  • Talking Metrics
  • Key Topics and Meeting Tags
  • 2,000 Processing Minutes Per Month
  • 8,000 Storage Minutes
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Initium.AI leverages recent advances in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to transform natural language into actionable insights.

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